Russom, Samuel, Farid and Trang: 4 Interviews

As a contribution to BEYOND WELCOME Dan Thy Nguyen, artist and director, and Iraklis Panagiotopoulos have produced interviews with four people who give us a narration of how and why they or their family had to migrate and what arriving in Europe and Germany means: Russom, a young man from Eritrea, Sammy, a teacher from Kamerun, who had to flee from the war in Libya, Farid, an afghanian man who fled from the Taliban and Trang, daughter of refugees from North Vietnam.


“Try do die for something, try to live for nothing”: The Journey of Russom

Russom recounts his memories of how he crossed the desert in an effort to escape Eritrea in order to find education and work in Europe.


“Going back through desert was out of the question”: The Journey of Samuel

Samuel from Kamerun shares the story of how after entering Germany he became an activist for the protection of other immigrants and reveals unknown details about the causes of the refugee crisis in Europe and about its future.


“I loved my country. Today I cannot say”: The Journey of Fardin

Fardin an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, answered Angela Merkel’s call and came to Germany. This interview contents his backgroundstory and his journey to Germany


“Die Unterkünfte haben meine Kindheit sehr geprägt”: The Journey of Trang

Trang a second generation immigrant from North Vietnam, narrates the story of her family and their straggle to intergrade into German society – in german.